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Metal Roof Replacement


Many older homes, bungalows and villas retain a great classic look with corrugated iron and metal roofing but they can often become troublesome and damaged with wear and tear over time. Auckland Roofing can repair or replace metal roofing with Long Run Colour Steel which dramatically lifts the appearance of your home, whilst retaining its character and architecture. A Metal Roof Replacement can also drastically increase your homes resale value.


Auckland Roofing provides:


Roof replacement with Long Run Colour Steel

Corrugated iron roofing replacement

Repair storm damage and roof leaks



Tiling Roof Replacement


Auckland Roofing can upgrade your old tiled roof. You can select from a range of tiling materials and styles - from concrete to clay and terracotta tiles to match your home.  Whether you’re building, renovating or simply want a new look, Auckland Roofing provides quality workmanship and an efficient service with minimal disruption for your tile roof replacement across the Auckland region.


Services and Solutions


Services include; repair, maintenance, and installation of flat roofing (low slope roofs), steep slope, roof cleaning, roof restoration and coating, roof renovations and roof-top unit retro-fits, cap flashing and architectural metal, custom roof construction processes, metal panel / sheet metal, skylights, various tile, shake, and asphalt shingles.


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Roof Replacement

Residential Roofing Contractors

Repair and Replacement Options


Our roof replacement services include all roof systems for flat and steep pitch roofing including; flat roof membranes, metal, shingles, concrete, clay tile, slate, rubber, steel coated metal shingles, etc.

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