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Leaking Roof

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Roofs are very susceptible to damage from all kinds of environmental influences. Leaves from nearby trees are one of the leading causes of premature aging. Excessive moisture caused by lack of roof slope or improper drainage is also a critical factor. Other influences could be animals, high winds and people walking on the roof who do not know the proper procedures.


Auckland Roofing performs all kinds of urgent and emmergency roof repair work for your convenience.


  • 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repairs And Leak Repair Services

  • No Payment Required Until Your Roof Is Fully Repaired

  • Roof Repointing

  • Ridge Tile Re-Bedding Services

  • Storm And Weather Damage Roof Repairs

  • Guttering Repairs

  • Repair Or Replacement Of Broken Or Damaged Tiles

  • Downpipe Repairs

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Leaky Roof & Leaky Roof Repair


Auckland Roofing are experts when it comes to leaky roofs and leaky roof repairs. With over 45 years combined experience, we have indeed seen it all when it comes to leaky roofs. Auckland's sometimes tomry weather and heavy rain can take their toll on older roofs or poorly constructed roofs, and leaks due to heavy rain and winds are all too common in the Auckland region.


Most common causes of leaks:

- seals and nails that have come loose on your roof

- poorly installed and attached flashings

- over all poor construction

- substanded materials


At Auckland Roofing, our roofs are not known to leak! But unfortunately some others do. We have fixed and repaired literally hundreds of leaky and leaking roofs in our many years in the industry and can quickly identify the problem and have you all water tight and dry again in no time flat


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